The Mystery of Coral Castle

The name “Coral Castle” really couldn’t be more exemplary of South Florida though its history dates back to a Latvian man in the early 20th century by the name of Edward Leedskalnin.

Some call it the South Floridian modern day Taj Mahal, but Edward Leedskalnin called it the Rock Gate Park; built in the country’s southernmost city (that is not an island), Coral Castle was single-handedly constructed by Leedskalnin as an homage to his lost love Agnes, who stood him up at the altar and only day later left to America. Rumor has it that although Agness (whose real name was Hermine) knew about the castle, she never did go see it, much to Edward’s despair.

Though originally built in Florida City in 1923, it took Edward three years to move the structure to Homestead, Fl (and about 30 total to construct it), for privacy measures. He worked on the house till he died in 1951 and lived in it while he also charged 10 cents a piece for entrance to tour the grounds — and rightly so! The structure features an accurate sundial, several tables (some heart-shaped), fountains, chairs, large multi-ton walls and also a well. It has baffled scientists for many years because of its high-end physical engineering; all of this as a result of the love ofa small man with a fourth grade education.