Winter Music Conference in Miami – Win Free Mansion Miami tickets!

Miami Beach has a lot of different reasons for its infamy: the beaches, the babes, the Art Deco, the outdated cocaine references. Among these many reasons, the growing electronic music scene has brought the masses to Miami for several years now; case in point: Winter Music Conference.

WMC is an all-encompassing word for the mega electronic-music based party week that happens in the latter half of March and is also the most anticipated clubbing event of the year in Miami Beach — with several competitions and dance festivals taking place, Ultra Music Festival being one of them. Along with it beingactually being a conference,including Q&A sessions with industry professionals as well as competitions, it’s also packed with events.

As a green company, Bike and Roll urges the +100,000 visitors to the city during WMC to ditch the rental car and come grab a bike! Ease the congestion, forget about the parking fees and get a leg day in — we’re offering special deals for WMC participants!

For hospitality professionals who will often meet WMC participants face to face, we will also be offering a strong incentive program! Simply refer a minimum of four groups (or a minimum value of $100 in our services) with advance notification, and you will receive a pair of tickets to one of the hottest clubs in South Beach — Mansion Miami has partnered up with Bike and Roll Miami to offer great admissions. Skip the lines, forget about paying admission and enjoy a night on the town at one of the most well known venues in Miami.