SoBe Wine and Food Festival

There are a lot of events in February –The Miami International Boat Show, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, but in South Beach the biggest one is the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, or as it is lovingly referred to around the Bike and Roll office: “SoBe WUFF”. Beginning on the 19th of February, it is a four day food fest showcasing different cuisines and chefs, taking place all throughout Miami Beach – sometimes literally on the beachside! It will be going on its 13th year and features all the biggest personalities on the Food network as well as local chefs – from wine tastings to “empanada happy hour” to a variety of diversely themed dinners.

Like in many other fields such as art and real estate, Miami is growing quickly and unceasingly in the amount of cuisines it offers and it is events like the South Beach Wine and Food festival making that happen. Convincing people of Miami’s greatness was never the issue, just giving others a reason to visit was the challenge – and for those hungry to visit, traveling down here in February has its gastronomical payback.

The best thing about the festival is all the traffic it brings! Happy foodies sprawling all about the city – over 60,000 tourists fly in for SoBe WFF, though the downside is…all the traffic! That’s why Bike and Roll is ahead of the curb here – rent a bike, save yourself the time and expense of driving and parking in our tiny city. We’ve got a special multi-day price for guests of SoBe WFF that could not get any better if we tried! (Believe us, we did try.)

If you find yourself vacationing in Miami during and want an adventure, somewhere in one of our shops there is a bike calling your name.